Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Media break

Hola, well with the new year it is time for new beginnings. To be honest my computer is not working well and I am using a friends. So if my typing is funky it is because I am using an Ipad and it is really new to me.

This is what happened. The other day I went early and took photos of them getting ready for the karma cleansing, when we came back and I went to download my photos the screen was black.

Angel was very upset as I had asked her to turn it on but I assured her it was not her fault. In the tropics electronics have lifespan of about six months and a little worried this may happen.

We prayed. We both prayed really hard that I could get it work so I could put up the photos of the karma cleansing. And not surprisingly we were blessed and it did come back and it worked all yesterday. Long enough to get up all the photos, but then, it happened again.

I can only take the this as a message from God, the angels, and the positive powers to be that it is time paint.

I haven't painted since I have been here. I have one canvas and 3 pads of water colour paper and my paints.

So I am listening to the higher powers and I am going to.  Just as the big fire in 2001 took away my camera and made me paint so now higher powers have taken away my computer and I am listening.

It is funny because I had said I was going to paint in January, and the angels were obviouslying and knowing me they must have decided it would take some special to get me off the computer. Lol

So I am looking at this as a blessing.  When I get back to Canada I will figure out the new computer and camera (as my camera having been having issues too :( ).

well this Ipad has no mouse and my hand still is a bit sore from that fall I had, and it doesn't  like it, so I will go.

I may blog sometime over the couple of months but no promises.  There tons of photos ,videos and info to look up and catch up on if  your just joining me now. And when I do start blogging again I will have lots of new paintings to share with.

Until then for reading,  take great care and Paz y Armonia/Paz and Harmony
Love Zipolita yAngelita :)