Sunday, October 2, 2016

Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico

So it's October and I remember seeing videos of Dia de Los Muertos and wanting to go to Oaxaca so bad and there were lots of things that almost stopped us but we made it and I have all these wonderful video of the event. If you look back through the blog posts you will see most detailed info relating to our time there.

 Interesting how our perspectives change as we learn more. Right now I am learning about Cultural Appreciation and Cultural Appropriation and have posted info here

I was never familiar with these terms Cultural Appreciation and Cultural Appropriation I have for many years since some of my first visits to Mexico tried very hard never to take advantage or to be disrespectful.

There are more and more celebrations, events, movies that emulate Dia de los Muertos and I felt it is important to address it in this post. I want to point out I am not an expert on this and I am sharing this information for you to consider.

Please note, some of these repeat a bit as they were edited, remade, shortened etc from the original postings while in Oaxaca and then later on. Halloween in Oaxaca Día de los Angelitos - Morning Día de los Angelitos - Complete Version Día de los Angelitos-Nov 1 2012- Part 1 Día de los Angelitos -Nov 1 2012- Part 2 Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca City 2012- Part 2 Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca City 2012- Part 3 Las Catrinas-Dia de Los Muertos-2012  Musicians de Oaxaca- Dia de Los Muertos 

So please enjoy these post but I hope you will watch this too 

Now looking back at this, is it Cultural Appreciation or does it have elements of Cultural Appropriation. I never made any money from these..although Youtube putting ads on it.

Anyways I am aware and doing my best to learn, share and change if necessary. We are supposed to attend the Stanley Park

 I was thinking it would be so fun to dress up as Catrinas. But this  year Angel doesn't want to dress up, whether it is because she's 14, maybe this teenager/ high school thing or maybe deep down she knows maybe it's not quite right...I am not sure. After watching the video...about Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation has me questioning whether it's right to actually dress as a Catrina if one is outside of Mexico.  Definitely something to give thought to and have conversations about.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Missing Mexico September 2016

Posada Roca Blanca back in 2008
 It's that time of year again. I get so anxious and the feeling is so strong, I just want to jump on a plane and bus and head to Zipolite. I miss all my family and friends there. Nearly 4 years now since we've been back.

Photos/Art © 2007 Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita
 But I can't, not right now...I am going to go to school for a bit and my kid's in school, many reading this post and blog know her...she's not homeschooled any more...I have her in the system. She likes it. She's learning a lot. I wish I could teach her but she is old enough to choose.
Photos/Art © 2007 Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita

Photos/Art © 2007 Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita

Photos/Art © 2007 Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita

I wanted to do a shout out to everyone down there. So here goes...

A few years back I really tried my hardest to make an app but I just couldn't finish it so I could get it in the Playstore...but I did build this blog. Sorry I haven't updated it lately but will soon.

Here's a list of hotels the have rooms in the off season for under $50 a night

There's going to be a BIG CELEBRATION for Dia De Los Muertos.

Para crear un altar por la paz, en honor a nuestros difuntos y a los muertos victimas de la violencia en México; dentro de las actividades del 5er Festival del día de muertos, Zipolite 2016.  MECANICA: Traer velas, flores, dulces, semillas, cigarros, etc. Y el deseo que la paz regrese a nuestro México y el mundo. El altar prendera todas las velas que se recopilen el día 2 de noviembre y habrá velación. La recepción de donaciones para el altar por la paz será en los siguientes puntos: Zipolite - “Colectivo Social Club”

Google Translate ( not the best but you get it )

If you want to learn more about Mexico, Oaxaca, Zipolite, Dia de Los Muertos, you should watch my videos and read through this blog. Even though I don't post here that often there is a lot of great info here.

Here's some great videos I made in Oaxaca City. It was really a wonderful experience that I was able to share with my daughter and I am very very grateful for it. They are backwards so watch in reverse order Las Catrinas-Dia de Los Muertos-2012 Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca City 2012- Part 3 Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca City 2012- Part 2 Día de los Angelitos -Nov 1 2012- Part 2 Día de los Angelitos-Nov 1 2012- Part 1 Día de los Angelitos - Complete Version Día de los Angelitos - Morning Halloween in Oaxaca

Here's a lovely memory I would like to share with you.

This link

This link is to a Facebook Page Album for many of the Roca Blanca Area- Zipolite Businesses/Negocios and if you click through them you can find info on hotels and restaurant. Just know that I have not updated in nearly 4 years so you have to do your own research.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Indigenous of Oaxaca Declare Lands Be Free of Mine, Wind & Hydro & GMO projects

 Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translate
Indígenas Zapotecs, Chontal, Mixtec, Chinantec, Ikoots and mixes agreed today to prohibit in their territories mining, wind, water projects and the planting of transgenic maize and stop paying for environmental and hydrological services, natural protected areas and community conservation.

After noting that the peoples of Oaxaca territory is not a commodity and that on this date "not celebrate denounce", also they complained that many public officials have used blackmail and conditioned the delivery of public programs such as PROCAMPO, Opportunities, 70 and over, among others, using their economic poverty for the favorable response from some authorities.

So they blamed state and federal public servants for the economic and social situation of the state.

The "owners of the territories occupied ancestrally have decided to speak out and demand that the federal government a change in environmental policy where indigenous and rural peoples, farmers can decide on the fate of our territories and commons".

Similarly, they demanded that the law is respected to self-determination of indigenous peoples and communities in the state of Oaxaca: "We have the right to say no to any program or project that goes against our territories."

They also demanded that the right to consultation and prior, free and informed, which are recognized in international conventions and treaties is guaranteed.

Federal and state Congress they claimed that is not approved Reform Initiative Agrarian Law by Felipe Calderon, as it threatens the community and the ejido, legal figures who recognize their right to collective land because it takes away powers to the figure assembly in decision-making.

They considered that this initiative represents a setback in the recognition of their rights as indigenous peoples.

They also demanded the definitive cancellation of mining concessions on the territory of the state of Oaxaca, "since it no consultation procedure to obtain our consent at the time of granting them generated".

For now, demand the definitive cancellation of mining projects in the communities of Magdalena Mendez Teitipac and Capulálpam and solution to the political and social conflict generated in the community of San José del Progreso by the mining company Fortuna Silver Mines.

The Governor and the Attorney General of Justice of Oaxaca requested the cancellation of the arrest warrants against the population of Magdalena Teitipac who are defending their territory by the entrance of the mining company Silver Real. We also demand the Agrarian not put more obstacles to the legal procedures regarding the appointment of the authorities.

They also asked the Federal Electricity Commission the definitive cancellation of the hydraulic project Multipurpose Paso de la Reina.

"We also demand the reversal of two thousand 50 hectares in Sabana Mixe, belonging to the community Jaltepec of Candayoc and declared the state reserve area."

Finally, they demanded that Oaxaca is declared forbidden territory for the production, marketing, storage and / or transport of genetically modified seeds.

After externalize their rejection of the national crusade against hunger, they asked the Ministry of Agricultural Development, Forestry, Fisheries and Aquaculture programs aimed at promoting field where planting native seeds that are created.

Congress demanded that he not discuss or approve the bills on the protection of maize submitted by MPs Marlene Aldeco and Carolina Aparicio, "because the latter has been conducting a process inadequate consultation referring only to large producers of corn, not and small farmers who are the majority population in Oaxaca "

Read original article here in Spanish-
Indígenas zapotecos, chontales, mixtecos, chinantecos, ikoots y mixes acordaron hoy prohibir en sus territorios proyectos mineros, eólicos, hidráulicos y la siembra de maíces transgénicos, así como dejar de pagar por servicios ambientales e hidrológicos, áreas naturales protegidas y de conservación comunitaria.

En el marco del Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas, dichas etnias denunciaron que las instituciones estatales están fuertemente ligadas a los intereses empresariales, por lo que su visión de desarrollo no corresponde ni representa las aspiraciones de los pueblos originarios.

A través de una carta abierta dirigida al presidente Enrique Peña Nieto y al gobernador Gabino Cué Monteagudo, firmada por 33 comunidades y pueblos indígenas, así como por 10 organizaciones civiles, denunciaron que “la política actual del gobierno mexicano atenta gravemente contra nuestros derechos como pueblos indígenas, campesinos y rurales”.

Luego de resaltar que para los pueblos de Oaxaca el territorio no es una mercancía y que en esta fecha “no festejamos, denunciamos”, también se quejaron que diversos funcionarios públicos han utilizado el chantaje y condicionado la entrega de programas públicos como Procampo, Oportunidades, 70 y más, entre otros, valiéndose de su pobreza económica para obtener la respuesta favorable de algunas autoridades.

Por ello responsabilizaron a los servidores públicos federales y estatales por la situación económica y social del estado.

Los “dueños de los territorios que ancestralmente ocupamos hemos decidido alzar la voz y exigir al gobierno federal un cambio en la política ambiental donde los pueblos indígenas, campesinos y rurales podamos decidir sobre el destino de nuestros territorios y bienes comunes”.
De igual forma, exigieron que se respete el derecho a la libre determinación de los pueblos y comunidades indígenas del estado de Oaxaca: “Tenemos el derecho a decir no a cualquier programa o proyecto que atente contra nuestros territorios”.

Asimismo, exigieron que se garantice el derecho a la consulta y al consentimiento previo, libre e informado, que están reconocidos en convenios y tratados internacionales.

Al Congreso federal y estatal le demandaron que no sea aprobada la Iniciativa de Reforma a la Ley Agraria presentada por Felipe Calderón, ya que atenta contra la comunidad y el ejido, figuras legales que reconocen su derecho a la tierra colectiva porque le quita atribuciones a las figura de la asamblea en la toma de decisiones.

Consideraron que dicha iniciativa representa un retroceso en el reconocimiento de sus derechos como pueblos indígenas.

También exigieron la cancelación definitiva de las concesiones mineras otorgadas en el territorio del estado de Oaxaca, “toda vez que no se generó ningún procedimiento de consulta para obtener nuestro consentimiento al momento de otorgarlas”.

Por lo pronto, piden la cancelación definitiva de los proyectos mineros en las comunidades de Magdalena Teitipac y Capulálpam de Méndez, así como solución al conflicto político y social generado en la comunidad de San José del Progreso por la empresa minera Fortuna Silver Mines.
Al gobernador y a la Procuraduría de General de Justicia de Oaxaca solicitaron la cancelación de las órdenes de aprehensión en contra de la población de Magdalena Teitipac que están defendiendo su territorio por la entrada de la empresa minera Plata Real. Asimismo exigimos a la Procuraduría Agraria no ponga más obstáculos para los trámites legales en relación al nombramiento de sus autoridades.

Además, pidieron a la Comisión Federal de Electricidad la cancelación definitiva del proyecto hidráulico de Usos Múltiples Paso de la Reina.

“También exigimos la reversión de dos mil 50 hectáreas en la Sabana Mixe, perteneciente a la comunidad de Jaltepec de Candayoc y que el estado declaró como zona de reserva.”

Finalmente, demandaron que Oaxaca sea declarado territorio prohibido para la producción, comercialización, almacenamiento y/o transporte de semillas transgénicas.

Después de externar su rechazo a la Cruzada Nacional Contra el Hambre, pidieron a la Secretaría de Desarrollo Agropecuario, Forestal, Pesca y Acuacultura que se creen programas dirigidos al campo donde promuevan la siembra de semillas nativas.

Al congreso le exigieron que no se discutan ni aprueben las iniciativas de ley sobre la protección del maíz presentadas por las diputadas Marlene Aldeco y Carolina Aparicio, “porque esta última ha estado realizando un proceso de consulta inadecuado consultando únicamente a grandes productores de maíz, no así a los pequeños campesinos que son la población mayoritaria en Oaxaca”.

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