Saturday, February 12, 2011


I don't know who created this video, but really like it.

(Acapulco station balnéaire tres connue pour sa magnifique baie et les plongeurs de la mort qui plongent des falaises de plus de ving cinq metres de hauteur ( english ) Acapulco resort famous for its beautiful bay and the divers who dive cliffs death of over twenty five meters in height ( deutsch ) Acapulco Beach Resort berühmt für seine schönen Bucht und die Taucher, tauchen Klippen Tod von über 2005 Metern Höhe)

Acapulco holds a SPECIAL place in my heart. The first time I ever visited was when I left my job from the cruiselines as a photographer. They cruiseship took me to the airport and basically made sure I was getting on that plane. I was nervous but it's a lovely airport and I had no issues and there used to be a restaurant called Wings, and the ladies were so nice.

Then I returned later, when I wanted a change from visiting Puerto Vallarta. I had been to Zipolite only once and only a day and I wanted to check it out more. My friend had told me wonderful stories, and so the easiest way was to fly into Acapulco. I totally forgot I had been to the airport years before and when I arrived, well it was like coming home.

Acapulco has always been like that for me. I don't know why, it's a big city, so maybe there that connection as I live in Vancouver and it's a big city, but there's so much more. It's magical, the people, the buses, and then miracles that have happened.

I've posted those stories before, about not being able to find a room and then an "angel" called Gabriel found me a $12 room. I was at the end of my journey and just needed to stay one more night and well it all turned out wonderful.

And how once the taxi driver came all the way back after dropping me off at the bus to bring my Spanish dictionary I had left in his cab.

Truely wonderful people have helped us here. Like I said, I love Acapulco. I pray that God and all his Angels smile down on Acapulco and help it through it troubles.

I really like this video. It's inspired me to go back and remake my videos, make them into a film like the original plan. Wish me luck.