Friday, January 28, 2011

Stop The Meter!! Save Our Access To Information!!

Social Media Super Hero

Stop the Meter on Our Internet Usage

This is so important, please read and sign this REALLY IMPORTANT PETITION and help protect our access to creativity and knowledge, freedom and power!!

The more I think about this it's really frightening, because it's all about the people with money controlling it all and having access to it all. It's expensive now for the internet and now less people will have access, poorer people will have less or no access and so people are less empowered.

Please Please really think about the implications of this and watch my Social Media Super Hero video because it talks about the power of Social Media. We can unite and try to solve so many of the worlds issues, but if we can't talk or make videos or put up photos because it cost too much, well the thought is too sad and overwhelming for me to dwell on at this moment.

All the wonderful empowering FREE webcasts that I listened to last week by the Social Entrepeneur  Social Empowerment Series, I wouldn't have heard all that. All this super empowering, enlightening info is out there to be shared, and everyone should have access to it. Not just the rich and powerful.

WE CAN BE POWERFUL, use your Social Media Super Powers, and join this fight and sign this petition. This act will have far reaching powers more than you could ever imagine.