Saturday, January 29, 2011

12 Great Green Travel Tips- From Mexico Report

By Susie Albin-Najera
Going green doesn’t mean you have to do any extra work than you would normally do when planning your vacation. Going green simply means being conscious of your environment.  And it’s still easy to care about the environment while abroad. Here are a few simple ideas for green travel when you are on the go to Mexico (or anywhere for that matter)!
1. Chose an eco-friendly hotel supporting sustainable tourism.
2. Pack recyclable, reusable bags.
3. Take the bus.
4. Support local farmers markets, local stands.
5. Visit a botanical garden, nature park or protected coastal areas.
6. Keep recycling.
7. Walk, walk, walk.
8. Participate in a beach/city clean up days.
9. Ditch the baby diapers.
10. Rent a bike.
11. Take a reusable water container.
12. Donate clothing.

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