Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starved For Attention


Here in BC we have a huge child poverty problem, and it's nothing compared to Africa and similar places damaged by war and natural disasters. I can not do much but I can share this info with you. By sharing and talking about it, we can enlighten people and hopefully not turn away.

The thing that I have noticed is that some people have so much wealth they just can not even comprehend what it would be like to have no groceries in the house, or their child being hungry and having to say "I'm sorry, but that's all we have right now."

The world is so distorted, as people zoom around and street race in their super expensive cars and go home to their $500,000 home, to watch their big screen TV and text their friends on their Iphones.

What can we do? They say, I work hard for my money. I earned it! I deserve it.

Well maybe so, but just remember that it will come back to bite you. Karma does. Those hungry little kids, they will be damaged, and their brains are not going to be the super intelligent healthy working organs they could be, it's anybody guess where their path will take them, with out food, with out love..

Imagine if you were hungry..and their was no food in your home,.. Really, I mean actually try to imagine this.. and you had no money, maybe no parents, maybe no one to love you and help you ...I know it sounds like one of those commercials that we so conveniently flick the channel on.

Maybe though just from reading this, or looking at this link with the stories, maybe people will think twice about buying that super expensive blouse, or jacket, or piece of jewelry or car...and think do I really need this. What could I do with $500 if I were to try and help someone.

Do you know how many groceries that can buy, in Canada, in Mexico, in Africa...
$500 would buy 100 packages of lasagna, or oatmeal, or gallons of milk and that's in Canada..imagine in Mexico, or Africa...can you see these kids gaining weight already, and their beautiful little brains, and bodies and spirits growing leaps and bounds, not just from the food, but because they would know "someone cares" somebody out there actually cares..and there is hope...

Otherwise what is there...just a bunch of stuff...without people it's just stuff...and who needs it...isn't a beautiful little life more valuable than some stuff!