Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beekeeper Leaks EPA Document - Pesticides & Regulations

When Angel was smaller, if someone asked her, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "I'm going to be a bee doctor" she would proudly state.

She had it all figured out, until one day she told me, "Mom, bees are too small, I can't bring the ambulance and operate on them" and so we moved on ... but we still have a huge LOVE of bees, especially as Angel has a talent for holding bees.

This article is very upsetting, but very enlightening and really not at all surprising because these same principles are being applied to pharmaceutical studies and other products. Things get grandfathered in even though they are known to cause cancer, and studies that could expose dangerous elements, & products do not receive funding so that potentially damaging products get passed and are being used by people assuming that the governments and the review boards are supposedly protecting them.

So like this man says we can all do our part, do your best to get informed and then share it, break it down so that the average person can understand it. Make a video, photograph it, help kids understand it. We owe it to them, they have to go forth and carry on, let's give them what they need to survive.

Let's face it, everyone that saw the BEE MOVIE, knows that we can't survive without bees.