Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Responsible Travel

I posted this way back in August but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone, as this is the time of year everyone is making travel plans.

Responsible Travel

Many of these Tips came from Lonely Planet Suggestions and I added to them.

Go Overland
- Ride Buses or local transportation whenever possible, opposed to planes. Buses in Mexico are Excellent. Their service is much better than Canadian Greyhound. Their ticketing service is excellent and Greyhound would do well to adapt it. Also their security. I love taking the buses in Mexico.

Give Right - I always made an attempt to buy from small stores and spread the wealth around. Lonely Planet recommends you donate to schools, and clinics and avoid giving hand-outs to children in order not to encourage begging. We used to give the children pretty photos.

Buy Local
-Eat in Local Restaurants, buy from local small stores.

Use cold showers - avoid hot showers that use wood heat.

Pick up your litter, and if you pack it in, pack it out!

Be Respectful! Especially of local traditions and customs.
Use appropriate attire when visiting churches and local villages

Ask Questions! Learn the customs and ask how not to make mistakes
the other tourists do.

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