Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aerial View of Suites Costa Dorada in Bucerias from Google Maps

Sorry, I had a map here but it was really slowing down my blog. Just Google Bucerias and click map. :)

Suites Costa Dorada has a Special Place in my heart, they have been so good to us. I have visited there a number of times in the last 20 years and we are always well recieved.

Bucerias is a really cute town, even though it has really changed over the years. Marks Bar & Grill is really famous and I remember it when it was just a house and Mark came to fix it up and work on it each year.

I think Bucerias has something for everyone, you may have to hunt but I think it's possible. We found a lovely little place to stay that was affordable. Of course it's very expensive compared to the $12 a night room with a kitchen I rented in the 90's but if you rent long term you can get a good deal.

I recommend Bucerias if you have never been to Mexico and want to get a feel for things.