Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off to Mexico City and then Home!!

So this is the end of the journey! The end of our 2nd 5 month journey to Mexico. Coming home is always such an emotional time. It's so sad to leave our friends and family in Mexico. Life there it just so different, and while both times we hit the wall at 3 months (that's when you have had enough, your homesick and you want to go home) we always manage to stick it out and get thru it.

Coming home means you can drink the water from the tap! Wow! It's a habit that takes a bit to get into again, but feels so incredible.

You can put toilet paper down the toilet! Who would think that would be such a thrill!

You can take a long hot bath! Ahhhhhh! What a delicious wonderful luxury!! Five months of cold showers can be difficult at times and for a child with long hair, even more so..tempers can be short and tears fall...but Mexicans do this what are we whining about, right!

Yes coming home is fun and exciting, there's no place like home. We must never take it for granted...just like we must never take the opportunities to travel for granted.

We have been so blessed and I am so grateful...but I will be honest...I want more...I want to see the world, and share it and write about it, photograph it, video it and hopefully encourage people to travel but to be a green traveller and help people learn, help open minds, teach children tolerance, understanding, teach people that differences are beautiful, special & wonderful.

I hope that thru my photos and videos, that differences are to be embraced, to learn to love this world and everything and everyone in it, for their uniqueness and differences. I wish for understanding and harmony.

Paz y amor Amigos!
Peace & Love Friends!

Okay that's all for tonight!