Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Need English or Spanish Classes?


English and Spanish Language Classes/Translation Services
Private and/or group classes for all ages and levels
Specialized classes for specific themes, needs and/or goals
Emergency translation services for medical, legal or immigration situations.

Professional Certified bilingual Teacher with 15 years of experience teaching in the area, California native. Flexible hours and we can also have classes wherever you are staying if you would like…your home, hotel, or even the beach! Form a group with some friends and we can design a class for what you want to learn and when you have the time.

English courses:

Specialized English classes for tourism and/or other themes
Basic, advanced and conversation classes
Children’s classes and homework study club (for primary, secondary and university level students)

Spanish courses:

Basic and conversation classes (with real Spanish speakers!)
Survival Spanish for travelers, intensive courses available
Specialized classes for specific themes and/or goals
Flexible hours and classes wherever you are staying optional.
Translation/interpretation services (documents, medical and immigration situations, private translator/guide for excursions, events such as weddings, emergencies also!)

We can work with you to create a class that is right for your needs and schedule! For more information, contact us….

Clases de inglés y español /Servicios de traducción

Clases privadas y de grupo para todas las edades y niveles
Clases especializadas para temas y/o metas específicas

Maestra profesional, certificada y bilingüe con 15 años de experiencia trabajando en la costa de Oaxaca, nativa de California.

Cursos de inglés:

Clases especializadas para turismo y/o otros temas o metas
Clases básicas, avanzadas y de conversación (con estranjeros que hablan ingles)
Clases para niños y club de tareas en inglés (para alumnos de primaria, secundaria y universitaria)

Cursos de español:

Clases básicas, avanzadas y de conversación
Español para viajeros, cursos intensivos
Horarios flexibles y clases donde se estén hospedando, opcional
Servicios de traducción e interpretación (documentos, eventos, guia para excursiones turisticas, situaciones médicas, urgencias también)

Podemos creer un clase para sus necesidades y horario…Más información, contáctenos!