Monday, December 23, 2013

Eddie the Christmas Bear/ Eddie el oso de la Navidad

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

So this is the Story of Eddie- The Christmas Bear /Eddie el oso de la Navidad

One day walking by a empty lot Angel spied Eddie sitting abandoned and forlorn. She asked to take him and I said no. She pestered me and I said no he's stinky and who knows where he's been.

We saw him again another day.  We discussed how maybe in the hurricane he had blown into that yard and some child had lost their teddy. She asked and pleaded and I said no.  He's dirty I told her. How could I clean him even if I wanted to.

We wondered and talked about different scenarios about how he got there. Poor Bear we thought. :(

Then someone asked me to take photos of that empty lot. So I did and there was the bear. Angel went over to it. We looked at him. He was a mess.

Now Eddie told me he'd kill me if I showed anyone those first photos. ;) He's got an image to uphold ya know!! LOL!!

So I promised I wouldn't but he's okay with me telling the story ;)....

Angel begged and pleaded and finally I gave in. So we took him home and performed surgery. I carried him by one ear. I think he'd been through some terrible things...we won't mention to not embarrass Eddie...but it has to do with a dog...yuck!!

I cut him open...sorry...had to. Pulled out all his stuffin'. :(


and then washed him in bleach and then soap and rinsed and used a half a  bottle of fabric softener...all this by handwashing and wringing and remember my wrist was still really sore from my fall.

We hung him to dry in the hot hot sun for a long time. Then we stuffed him and VIOLA!!.

He was beautiful and new and smelling sweet.

Then we had Christmas. It was wonderful. 

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

And that was so much fun that in January we for a visit to Huatulco

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

And that was such a great time we decided to go to San Cristobal.
We met this cool guy in the bus depot. He had rode his bike down from Canada.

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013
Here's Eddie in San Cristobal Las Casas

 Brrr!! It was so cold!!

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013
 Then it finally started to warm up and a new toy and hat helped.
Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Then it was off to Palenque.
But Eddie was exhausted. He wasn't used to so much travelling. So Eddie just crashed while we(Tina and Angel) walked up to the ruins and explored. Poor Eddie, he missed out. :( It was a great day. It was my birthday. 

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

But then he was back to him normal self, here he is enjoying a lovely cappochino at El Panchan.
Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Photo by Tina Winterlik   © 2013

Unfortunately Eddie isn't here with us this Christmas. We are in Vancouver but all our things are in storage. We thought we would get it out by now but it didn't happen. I wanted to write this little story for Angel and for you. I hope you liked it. I promise to snap a few pics as soon as we do get Eddie out. 

I like to believe it's like Toy Story only they've figured a way out, and can socialize but they are all safe inside their world. We will see them all again soon. 

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad.