Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here's what I can buy for $370 pesos in Oaxaca

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Here's what I can buy for less than $30 in Mexico. I could probably get food cheaper if I knew all the places with the best deals but for now I just go to Bodega Aurerra in Pochutla because it's fairly fast and I can get back home fairly quickly with out the food spoiling. 

Remember here though the minimum wage is $5 a day. A day folks!

 Not $5 an hour, so you can imagine how tough things can be here. I am grateful I can afford nutritious food that I can feed my daughter and myself. It's really tough for some. 

Photos by Tina Winterlik © 2012

Thank goodness there is the ocean for fish and many people raise their own chickens and grow their own food. Still many fruits and vegetables are shipped here. Something I wasn't aware of.  For example the oranges come from veracruz.  When we arrived they were more than the normal price of 20 for 25 pesos. You can imagine how a small change like that can be hard on people.

Tourism is their main economy here and they depend on Christmas/Navidad and Easter/Semana Santa to make enough for the year.

Zipolite is a gorgeous place. Why don't you come down and get de-stressed, chill in a hammock, grab a cerveza, watch a sunset and help their economy. Gracias.

 The minimum wage in Oaxaca is $5 a day. This is what I can buy for $370 pesos, about $28 Cdn. But it's not easy for people when the wages are so low and food is so high. Sort of like Canada.

*Note: I apologize - I goofed and loaded the video and half the music was missing and 3x I tried to reload it but is was wonky and it's still not working. I give up for now.   :( Cheers.