Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Mexican Blankets- Viva Mexico!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

So for Sept 16 Mexico's Independence Day and I wanted to do some Special. I wanted something new to post about and I was like think, think think.

Then finally I got it, what about show you my Mexican Blankets

I would be interesting to see how many Mexican Blankets in households around the world. Maybe we could do a project and get people to tell a story about their blankets. 

I have collected blankets from many of my trips and most are very good quality so they have lasted 10-15 years. I love my blankets, I even have a few more, one is similar to the first one here but it's peach tones and it was the first blanket I ever bought. It was in Bucerias in 1988.

I can't remember exactly where I got them all, but I'll try.
I got this one on our last trip, I bought it in Zipolite on the beach, I think I paid $250 pesos.

It's quite good quality and I love the colours. This photo doesn't show the true colour.

 I just can not remember where I got this one, I think it was in Bucerias?

1996- Might have been Puerto Vallarta
This is the Fire God I think, it's based on Aztec. I may have got it in Vallarta but I don't remember exactly.

I think I got this in Zihuatengo 1996?
I think I got this in Zihuatengo, on another Cruiseship, while working as a Photographer.

I bought this while in Cozumel, while working on the Cruise Ship 1995 as a Photographer and I paid like $50 US.  It's the most I ever paid for a blanket, but it is really beautiful quality.