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San Miguel de Allende

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March 9/2011

San Miguel de Allende is a place I have always dreamed about visiting. Beautiful Architecture and it's super artsy. I have a friend that visits quite often and he share great stories with me. For me the most wonderful part would be drawing and painting those gorgeous old buildings & sharing this Rich Culture with my daughter as it is an important part of her culture and heritage.

Watch this Beautiful Video

Youtube Video Info- Video by Alan Geoghegan - Montage of scenes I videotaped in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Music by Spencer Brewer, poetry by Andrew Oerke, videography by Alan Geoghegan. San Miguel de Allende was founded in 1542 by Franciscan priest Fray Juan de San Miguel and was declared a Mexican national monument in 1926. 8 min.

Today Susan Weiss of Business of Arts recommended a website "Falling in Love with San Miguel" to me and I loved it and I wanted to share it with you.

I love their Intro page, it's so inviting, definitely going to be following this site more.

Falling in Love with San Miguel
Welcome to San Miguel de Allende and to Mexico, through our website and our two books, including brand new The Best How-To Book on Moving to Mexico!

Welcome to San Miguel de Allende and Mexico, via the experiences of Carol Schmidt (right) and Norma Hair, pictured enjoying the Dolores Hidalgo Jardin

We'll show you how to live your dreams in Mexico and in San Miguel de Allende, which is a UNESCO World Heritage city; a writers, musicians, actors and artists colony; and a tourist draw for Mexicans seeking to recapture their own historic and cultural roots in the hundreds of fiestas and celebrations throughout the year.

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 Carol's Blog

About Carol & Norma- Check this out!

About San Miguel de Allende from Wikipedia

San Miguel de Allende is a city and municipality located in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico. It is 274 km from Mexico City and 97 km from the state capital of Guanajuato.[1]

Historically, the town is important as the birthplace of Ignacio Allende, whose surname was added to the town’s name in 1826, as well as the first municipality declared independent of Spanish rule by the nascent insurgent army during the Mexican War of Independence.

However, the town waned during and after the war, and at the beginning of the 20th century, was in danger of becoming a ghost town.

Its Baroque/Neoclassical colonial structures were "discovered" by foreign artists who moved in and began art and cultural institutes such as the Instituto Allende and the Escuela de Bellas Artes.

This gave the town a reputation, attracting artists such as David Alfaro Siqueiros, who taught painting. It also attracted foreign art students, especially former U.S. soldiers studying on the G.I. Bill after the Second World War.

Since then, the town has attracted a very large number of foreign retirees, artists, writers and tourists, which is shifting the area’s economy from agriculture and industry to commerce catering to outside visitors and residents.

The main attraction of the town is its well-preserved historic center, filled with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. This and the nearby Sanctuary of Atotonilco have been declared a World Heritage Site. Read More Here


Industry is not as well developed here as in other parts of the state although it provides about 33% of the jobs. One important industry is the production of electrical energy. Other industries include metal products, food processing, wood products and mineral processing.[1]

The area is known for the crafting of objects from brass and glass. Two notable artisans here are the brothers Marcelino and Abeck Leon Rosa, who produce handmade glass items. They began producing pieces in the courtyard of their home, but today they have a studio with two large workshops and operate a school for glassmakers, which trains about 50 people per year. One of their specialties is Tiffany-style lamps.[19]

A more recent development is the use of the town as a backdrop for the production of films and television programs. Both Mexican and foreign productions have been shot here, many of which feature gunfights by mustached protagonists.

Projects that have been filmed here include Once Upon a Time in Mexico, a television biopic of the Francisco "Pancho" Villa, and The Mask of Zorro II. A group of entrepreneurs is working to increase the town's reputation as a film location, opening a privately financed studio complex called The Film Colony.

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Parish of San Miguel at night- from Wiki Travel