Friday, February 18, 2011

A Noon-Day Meal for Hungry Mexican Children in Kunché

My friend Martino passed this along in Facebook and I wanted to share it here.

A Noon-Day Meal For Hungry School Children in Rural Mexico

It is a sobering paradox. In the Mexican economy, ranked the twelfth largest in the world, many rural populations struggle to survive. The small community of Kunché, in the coastal state of Yucatán, is one such place.
mexico_ninosYucatán was once the center of the ancient Maya civilization, and is still home to many of these indigenous people. The inland settlement of Kunché has 600 Mayan residents who grow corn as their main livelihood and source of food.
Unfortunately, the crop has failed to support their families in recent years, and despite efforts of the women to do handywork to bring in extra income, the 200 school children of this village often go hungry
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The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), which began supporting another breakfast program in the Yucatán in 2008, learned of these undernourished children and was moved to help. Its grant of US$24,000 will provide each student with a balanced mid-day meal every school day for the next ten months. (Amazingly, the cost is only 60 cents per day per child!)

The Prem Rawat Foundation strives to address fundamental human needs so that people everywhere can live their lives with dignity, peace, and prosperity.
Founded in 2001, TPRF works to extend the outreach of Prem Rawat’s message of peace throughout the world. TPRF also provides aid for people in urgent need of life-sustaining resources like food and water, especially in areas where funds from larger foundations may not be available. Click here to read  more about TPRF's mission and activities.

"Peace is one singular reality that is common to every human being. The peace that is defined by the mind, will change as generations change, as cultures change, as people change. But desire for peace that resides in the heart has never changed "