Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tapped-Trailer- Watch This!!

Hope I can see the movie, this is stuff I have been saying for so long, but what can you do. 11 years ago I had the water bottle cooler, and everyone would come over and drink my "nice clean water", I thought the pipes in my building were old and leaching toxins and so didn't want to drink it.

Fast forward, they redid the pipes...probably with some type of plastic and not only that, when you go to Mexico that is all you can drink from. So here in Canada, wake up...we are so blessed.

Stop polluting by using bottled water.
1)Polluting not just from the plastic the bottles are made from
2)Polluting out bodies by the toxins going into them from the water in the plastic bottle,
3)Spending millions of dollars in oil to ship the water all over the place.

Just frigging crazy!

Perhaps we could use those resources to produce clean water in Mexico and other places around the world so they don't have to drink bottled water. Just a thought!!