Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainbow- Confirmation!!

This is so amazing, I had just posted the Martin Luther King speech, and was thinking about a lot of different will people react, interpret my actions.

I was thinking that not a lot has changed, but that not a lot has changed. There's a black president, but there is so much suffering of Mexican people and lots of other people in the U.S. and in Canada we have the highest child poverty in B.C. and there are terrible problems in certain areas in Mexico, and just really sad injustices all over the world.

I was thinking about some things that people do in the name of certain things and they are prepared for some of the consequences and then not.

It was so wonderful though, because as I was standing at the sink washing the breakfast dishes and thinking of all this, then Angel shouts..."I see a Rainbow!"

And there BIG and BRIGHT is this HUGE RAINBOW!
For me it was confirmation! From God, From the Universe, From Martin Luther, From my parents, ...that what I am doing is good, and keep going! Keep on Dreaming!!

I have a Dream....