Sunday, December 26, 2010

Projections for the New Year!!

Well, who would have thought that they would chose Fabio to win Survivor!

I'll tell you though, that scene when he's hopping around with the thorn in his foot, I related to that...I have been there. When you in a strange environment all sorts of crazy things happen. I'm so happy he won. He seems like such an earthy wholesome dude...he's totally fit in in Zipolite.

My plan was for us to visit Central America this year, Honduras was definitely on the list, but it hasn't come together. Obviously the Universe has something else in mind for us.

So while a tad sad, and missing friends, family and gorgeous beach and sunsets, I must dream and PROJECT FORWARD!! Something is coming, great and positive things are around the corner, and we must go with the flow and keep projecting, because we've been thru the lows and the highs are about to flow. My life is a can be darn scary, but it's filled with miracles.

Going to Zipolite and living there for 5 months, 2 years in a row, NOW THAT'S A MIRACLE!
If you knew how little we survived on and If you knew all the wonderous things that happened to us...THAT'S A MIRACLE! THOSE WERE MIRACLES!

While I'm sad our plans for this year didn't pan out, I can only believe that God and the Universe have a greater plan for us and we just have to wait and see what it is. We learned so much, and I know while Angel may not remember alot of it, that she was impacted deeply by so much, by the environment, the people, the love, the beauty, we had really wonderful special incredible life changing experiences, and so we give thanks for those. I hope that you can experience similar experiences. I pray that your lives can be enriched the way ours were.

Blessing to you all, Blessing to all of us, that we are blessed with Miracles and can run and play and be free, the way you can in Zipolite. Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad. Muchos Besos, Paz y Amor Amigos.

We will see you again...soon I hope and Pray and Project!!