Saturday, September 11, 2010

Think Green or Good-bye Paradise!

This place charges $1000 pesos a night, and was about half a months rent at the time for us. I think it's a nice place for a honeymoon or something, but there are many things to consider. While the pool was wonderful and helpful when the waves were so big and dangerous we could not swim...on the otherhand there is barely enough water for the town. Unfortunately the very scary part is that all of Zipolite could go this way unless people work at it staying green and just renting basic accomodations. More and more the hotels/posada are charging very high rates.

Even now there is a group of Canadians building condos right on the beach. You can try to fight it, but the people of Zipolite have a right to prosper just like everyone else, but with that prosperity, that simple, backpacker laid back life will disappear to become a beach filled with huge hotels. Paradise will disappear.

As I write this blog I feel somewhat guilty by telling everyone about this paradise, but it's changing already and perhaps, just perhaps by reading this people will stop and think and then when they visit they will make every effort to be a green eco-friendly traveller.

How do you do that?
Stay at local, small accomodations.
Eat at small local restaurants, bars etc.
Use local transportation.
Give right! Help support the schools and clinic, and places like Pina Palmera- that helps children and families with disabilities and challenges.

Don't get me wrong, I love the pool here, and the people were very nice to us, but if the whole beach goes this way...say good bye to Paradise!