Monday, July 20, 2015

Mining Company Ousted

This strong community banded together and saved their town. Share this widely so others can know it can be done.

Brilliant story about the community of Magdalena Teitipac in Oaxaca, Mexico, who have succeeded in banishing a mining company that intruded on their traditional lands without any previous consultation. They say the key to their success in fighting a major company with state backing, was in their directly democratic local assembly processes. This is a story that many communities who have succeeded in expelling mining companies have reiterated.!en/video/inside-the-americas-409875
Magdalena Teitipac is a Zapotec community in the central region of Oaxaca whose hills contain gold and silver deposits. Townspeople were never consulted in 2007 when the federal government granted mining concessions to a subsidiary of Linear Gold until the year 2057, but upon realizing the threat of destruction that this project posed to their forests and way of life, people voted to oust the mining project and in an important victory, blocked its access to the mine, forcing it to withdraw, at least for the time being. teleSUR