Friday, March 21, 2014

Mobile App for Zipolite Businesses/Negocios

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Feel free to post photos of your business or your favorite Zipolite business on the Adventurez in Mexico Facebook page at the link below and I will  put them in my mobile app that I am working on.

 Also if you can share the contact information in the description which would be very useful.

If you are a street artist/performer, there you can post your dates and I'm going to share or if you are vendor ,... but all must be in Zipolite.

The first version of the mobile app will be for Roca Blanca Colonia. This is the testing phase and I hope to be in time for Easter/Semana Santa.

Then  I hope to have a new release for Christmas. Together we can make an AWESOME MOBILE APP and help the people of Zipolite.  In the beginning, the app will be free to download.

 Later it will cost $2 to download. Part of that money will go to Tin Tin's program for spayed and neutering of dogs and cats, part will go to an emergency fund to help with relief from hurricanes, fires, etc. and lastly a small part will go for Angel's  Quinceanera... which I wish to save for ....but until it is very good, it will be free! : D 
This is the type of info I am collecting. Tin Tin and another friend are helping but I welcome everyone's help. Just make sure the info is accurate and up to date, and if it changes please let me know. Gracias!!

Business name:
Name of the owners:
The price range:
Web site:
Facebook page:
Dates/special events:

Hola I am making an Mobile App for Zipolite. I need all the info I can collect about the businesses/events. If you would like to share some info please visit this page. Gracias.

Hola estoy haciendo una aplicación móvil para Zipolite. Necesito toda la información que sobre los negocios y eventos poder recuperar. Si te gustaría compartir información por favor visite esta página. Gracias.

Ocean Science, there's nothing like it!!

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I found this great video about the Puerto Angel 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring Equinox

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Sometime I'm going to take Angel and we are going to see this!!