Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shambhala Karma Cleansing Tonight

Karma Cleansing 2008

Karma Cleansing 2009

Karma Cleansing 2012
listos a compartir la tradicional celebración de unión y energìa en la loma de meditaciön de Shambhala.
Nos reuniremos a las 7.30 pm dìa 31 de dic. 2014.
Vestidos de blanco.
Al final de la ceremonia nos reuniremos en la playa a la quema del arból.
Y compartiremos alimentos
Este año requerimos de tu amorosa cooperaciòn de100 pesos para la cena exclusivamente.
Te esperamos..

We are ready to share the traditional celebration of union and energy on the hill Shambhala Meditation point .
We will meet at 7:30 pm Dec. 31 . 2014 .
Dress in white .
At the end of the ceremonia we will meet on the beach burning arból .
And share food
This year we need your loving cooperation de 100 pesos for dinner only.
We wait ..

here are some videos of previous years

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tres de Diciembre Restauante -Celebration TONIGHT!!

Don't miss out on this wonderful event!

Fabulous pizza and pies and lots of wonderful dishes as well as traditional dancing and lots of entertainment.

Here is a video I took back in 20012  3 de Diciembre 20th Aniversario -Part 1  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary- Part 2  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary -Part 3  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary- Part 4  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary -Part 5 

Oyster Diving in Oaxaca- Agua Blanca

Here is a WONDERFUL video that shows the beauty of living by the sea and fishing in a traditional manner. See the fantastic feast they enjoy.

I have really been missing Zipolite and all my family and friends. Seeing this video made me cry, and brought so much happiness to me. Gracias.
 Check out my post from two years ago when my friends were shucking oysters

Vídeo,Free Diving for Lobster: MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca (Part 5) 
La costa #Oaxaqueña  #TwitterOax #AguaBlanca #tonameca #mazunte #Tortugas

Post by Oaxaca.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flash Mob in Mexico City

Missing Mexico so much right now. I am in tears watching this video this morning. I just watched it again. I shared in my Facebook and thought I should definitely share it here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dia de los Muertos-una Tradicion muy Mexicana

Here is a beautiful video about Dia de los Muertos. A wonderful Mexican Tradition!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pina Palmera- Zipolite-Video-We Live to Grow!

Just came across this wonderful video about the Pina Palmera in Zipolite. It's a great video full of examples and explanations of the type of work they do and the people they help.

It was so nice to see Malena and Marciano and all the other who work at Pina Palmera.
We have visited a few times but mostly we know the people from just being in Zipolite and seeing them out and about. Many people volunteer at Pina Palmera and we have met them.

When I nearly broke my wrist I was so fortunate as I went there and they helped me with a brace and massage. I would have been in serious trouble if they hadn't been as kind as they were.

This is a great video and I hope you will share it.

Film Credits.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Say Prayers for Los Cabos

Please say prayers for all the people in Los Cabos.

"Travellers were being flown free of charge to airports in Tijuana, Mazatlan, Guadalajara and Mexico City to catch connecting flights and, in the case of foreigners, receive consular assistance."

 People stand in line to get free food from a Mega Supermarket in Los Cabos, Mexico. According to employees the supermarket donated all the food in the store and established a system by which every person had 5 minutes to get whatever they could for free. (Victor R. Caivano/The Associated Press)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Solstice Yoga Moving to San Agustinillo

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

The Solstice Yoga Centre is moving from Zipolite!! I know many people will miss them. Good Luck on your new Adventure, Brigitte! Good video, check it out! Come and join me for a relaxing yoga vacation in combination with holiday on the beach in our new retreat on the beautiful coast of San Agustinillo in Oaxaca, Mexico!
Brigitte Longueville

This movie was made by Moisés Blanco (

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My Next Yoga Retreat Vacation in Mexico 2014/2015

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apps not ready yet :( but Happy Easter! :D

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Hola Amigos, I have been working so hard to get the Zipolite Travel Amigo App in the Playstore, but there are still some bugs to work out. so I'm still hopeful..and praying for miracles. Just wanted to share some videos of our other Easter(s)/Semana Santa(s) from years gone past.

Photo by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2014

Photo by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2014

Photo by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2014



Friday, April 4, 2014

Discurso de niña orgullosamente indígena sorprende en Nuevo León

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I don't understand all of it but she's asking for them to include the indigenous people in the government decisions,  I believe. Just waiting to get some help with the translate. Will add more in a bit.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mobile App for Zipolite Businesses/Negocios

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Feel free to post photos of your business or your favorite Zipolite business on the Adventurez in Mexico Facebook page at the link below and I will  put them in my mobile app that I am working on.

 Also if you can share the contact information in the description which would be very useful.

If you are a street artist/performer, there you can post your dates and I'm going to share or if you are vendor ,... but all must be in Zipolite.

The first version of the mobile app will be for Roca Blanca Colonia. This is the testing phase and I hope to be in time for Easter/Semana Santa.

Then  I hope to have a new release for Christmas. Together we can make an AWESOME MOBILE APP and help the people of Zipolite.  In the beginning, the app will be free to download.

 Later it will cost $2 to download. Part of that money will go to Tin Tin's program for spayed and neutering of dogs and cats, part will go to an emergency fund to help with relief from hurricanes, fires, etc. and lastly a small part will go for Angel's  Quinceanera... which I wish to save for ....but until it is very good, it will be free! : D 
This is the type of info I am collecting. Tin Tin and another friend are helping but I welcome everyone's help. Just make sure the info is accurate and up to date, and if it changes please let me know. Gracias!!

Business name:
Name of the owners:
The price range:
Web site:
Facebook page:
Dates/special events:

Hola I am making an Mobile App for Zipolite. I need all the info I can collect about the businesses/events. If you would like to share some info please visit this page. Gracias.

Hola estoy haciendo una aplicación móvil para Zipolite. Necesito toda la información que sobre los negocios y eventos poder recuperar. Si te gustaría compartir información por favor visite esta página. Gracias.

Ocean Science, there's nothing like it!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

I found this great video about the Puerto Angel 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring Equinox

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Sometime I'm going to take Angel and we are going to see this!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Zipolite - Verde Ir-Er Sostenible-UNITE!

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Lo siento si esto no se traduce correctamente, por favor visite este enlace y alguien que lo haga correctamente. Gracias

Hola, ha llegado a mi atención que hay que hablar del gobierno de Oaxaca o?? va a intentar cambiar la tierra en Zipolite del Ejido a dejar a la gente tener hechos a sus tierras así lo pueden vender.

Sólo quiero asegurarme de que la gente de Zipolite comprende las ramificaciones de este completa. Bucerias es un buen ejemplo. Para 20 + visité Bucerias. En primer lugar es era sólo una pequeña ciudad con pequeños hoteles que podrías alquilar una habitación con una cocina para $12Cdn noche. Eso fue en 1988.

Desde entonces lo he visto cambiar enormemente. Me quedé allí en 2001 cuando estaba embarazada de mi hija. Vivía al otro lado de la carretera muy ruidosa con los mexicanos más pobres. Fue humillante por decir lo menos. Abajo en el paseo marítimo, un hombre de negocios astuto había construido hermosas casas de millones de dólares a lo largo de él y venderlas a adinerados americanos y canadienses.

Ahora no hay nada de alquiler menos de $50 una noche y te imaginas el costo de vida allí.

Esto sucederá a Zipolite. Los más pudientes de otros lugares, ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico City, Canadá, Estados Unidos avancen y comprar todos los muelles. Las personas que viven allí se desplazará, o se mueva a otro lugar y se da cuenta del alto costo de vida o que sólo se moverán hacia atrás y hacer frente a los mayores costos de vida en su ciudad natal donde ellos nacidos y se criaron.

Esto es lo que sucede en Vancouver. Muchos hogares comienzan en $1 millón. Es el riduclous. Yo nací y me crié aquí en BC y hay una oportunidad nunca poseerá un hogar porque es imposible levantar esta cantidad de dinero en mi vida. La razón es Canadá - BC - o Vancouver en realidad no hizo cualquier política para asegurar que esto no podía suceder. Vancouver tiene una tasa muy alta de personas sin hogar. Muchos de ustedes no tienen ninguna idea sobre esto. Te enteraste cosas maravillosas. La pobreza infantil es mayor en BC. Es una locura que en un país tan rico piense que esto no existiría. MAL!!

Muchas de las casas que pertenecen aquí... los que cuestan $1.000.000 son propiedad de extranjeros, muchos de ellos de China/Hong Kong... ricos de otros países, aquí estos comprar casa y ni siquiera vivo en ellos. Los usan como casas de vacaciones y un lugar para guardar dinero allí.son inversiones. Pero esto sólo desplazados. No hay ninguna vivienda, alquileres comienzan en unos 900 dólares por un apartamento de un dormitorio. El gobierno tuvo que crear subsidios para los ancianos y los padres solteros porque no hay ninguna manera de ganar esa cantidad de dinero en los salarios disponibles y los alquileres son tan altos.

Esto sucedió en Nelson y muchos otros lugares. Esto sucederá en ZIPOLITE!!

Ahora lo que dices acerca de la gente de Zipolite, no merecen una vida agradable con todas las cosas materiales que cuenta con todos los demás. Los televisores, automóviles, piscinas... alimentos para sus familias, casas de gran lujo, no merecen eso.

La pregunta es-¿qué dará para arriba?

Ya vives en el paraíso!

¿Por qué crees que la gente viene aquí y ¿por qué crees que quieren comprar esa tierra.

Tengo algunas sugerencias. Uno es realmente pensar acerca de lo que más valoran. ¿Es tu familia? Porque eso es lo que he notado y gustaba de Zipolite es cuánto se aman y Cuánto aprecias familia. Muchos de ustedes son pobres pero tu sonriente y vas a tu vida de una manera sencilla. Estas formas sencillas son la pesca en el océano, construyendo casas de palapa elevar su propia comida como pollos, frutas, cocos, etc.. Sí, entiendo que es difícil, pero si te rindes y te vendes se verá forzado de su océano, y será una vida mucho más difícil y una vida mucho más materialista.

Y esta vida materialista es lo que está matando al mundo. Es que causan todas las tormentas malas y envenenamiento por los océanos, talando los bosques hermosos y exterminar a los animales y los pueblos indígenas que a la izquierda.


Y como la fuerza que unió a adaptar métodos que dará soporte a todos juntos. Mira en fuentes alternativas de apoyo. Mira por ejemplo

-solar y fuentes de energía del viento

-jardines de la cama elevada para alimentos - crean jardines de bosques comunitarios de alimentos donde tienes comida para todos en la comunidad.

-compostaje - allí son maneras mucho mejores de lo que hacen en Piña Palmera

-Casas cob. Construir estos - pueden soportar terremotos y huracanes

-popbottle verde casas - puedes empezar las semillas en ellos y esto ayudará en el crecimiento de los jardines.
Debe unirse en esto, o se desgarrará separados y sus hijos nunca será capaces de pagar una casa en Zipolite, digamos quién sabe dónde y que van a terminar trabajando para los dueños del hotel que ahora estará ubicado frente a la playa una vez tuviste. Ellos trabajarán para los salarios mínimos y su calidad de vida serán pobre porque no será capaz de pagar nada por el altísimo costo de vida. ¿Eres muy bendecidos. Usted puede unir con los medios sociales. Juntos tienes una voz fuerte. Esta oportunidad existe para ti. Agarran el momento porque una vez que se cambia la voluntad debe ser sin retorno!!

Aquí están algunos enlaces a ejemplos que estoy sugiriendo. Hay muchas personas que le ayudarán con esto. Debe unirse y actuar y pedir esta ayuda. Pedir que queda verde y comunidad.

Jardines de cama elevada

Jardines comunitarios

Energía solar para pequeñas comunidades

Cómo construir una lámpara Solar botella

Popbottle invernaderos

Cómo construir un vaso de Compost - esto es una muy buena idea mantener vuela lejos y girar las hojas, frutos y otros materiales a la rica tierra negra en 6 semanas. Tiene el clima perfecto para esto. Puedes hacer dinero vendiendo composta.

Amo a Zipolite y sé que es muy difícil sobrevivir esperando al turista. Olvidar el turismo, se centran en ser verde y sostenible. Puede establecer un ejemplo para todo México.

En una nota lateral estoy intentando ayudar a... Estoy trabajando en una aplicación y será para el pequeño, no los grandes hoteles de lujo que van ahí en y carga $80 a $100 una noche. No mi aplicación será un listado de todos los pequeños lugares en la playa. Estoy trabajando en esto ahora, estoy en la escuela y espero que producir la primera versión antes de Semana Santa. Estoy haciendo mi mejor para ayudarle en todos los frentes.

Así que por favor si puedes imprimirlo y compartirlo y tener reuniones y crear una página de Facebook y hablar uno al otro. Haz Unido porque es la única manera... si no veo un futuro muy triste de Zipolite. De grandes grandes hoteles propiedad de personas de otros países y todas las cosas que nosotros conocemos y amamos de Zipolite se convertirá en una cosa del pasado. Historia. Ido... pero no olvidado. No dejes que esto suceda. Por favor!!!!


Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Hola, It has come to my attention that there is talk of the government of Oaxaca or ?? is going to try to change the land in Zipolite from Ejido  to letting the people have deeds to their land so they can sell it.

I just want to make sure the people of Zipolite understand the full ramifications of this. Bucerias is a good example. For 20+ I visited Bucerias. At first is was just a small town with little hotels that you could rent a room with a kitchen for $12Cdn a night. That was in 1988.

Since then I have watched it change immensely.  I stayed there in 2001 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I lived across the very noisy highway with all the poorer Mexicans. It was humbling to say the least. Down at the waterfront, a clever business man had built up beautiful million dollar homes all along it and sold them to wealthy Americans and Canadians.

Now there is nothing to rent less than $50 a night and you can imagine the cost of living there.

This will happen to Zipolite. Wealthy people from other places, Oaxaca City, Mexico City, Canada, United States will move in and buy up all the waterfront. The people that live there will be displaced, either they will move somewhere else and realize the high cost of living or they will just move to the back and be faced with the higher and higher costs of living in their home town where they were born and raised.

This is what is happening in Vancouver. Many homes start at $1 million. It's riduclous. I was born and raised here in BC and there is a chance I will never own a home because it is just impossible to raise this kind of money in my lifetime. The reason is that Canada- BC- or Vancouver for that matter did not make any policies to ensure this could not happen. Vancouver has a very high homeless rate. Many of you have no idea about this. You hear wonderful things about it. Child poverty is highest in BC. It's crazy that in such a wealthy country you would think this would not exist. WRONG!!

Many of the homes that are owned here...the ones that cost $1,000,000 are owned by foreigners, many from China/Hong Kong...wealthy people from other countries, come here buy these home and don't even live in them. They use them as vacation homes and a place to keep there money..they are investments. But this just displaced people. There is no affordable housing, rents start at about $900 for a one bedroom apartment. The government had to create subsidies for the older people and single parents because there is just no way to earn that kind of money on the wages available and because the rents are so high.

This happened in Nelson and many other places. This WILL HAPPEN IN ZIPOLITE!!

Now you will say what about the people of Zipolite, don't they deserve a nice life with all the material things that everyone else has. The televisions, cars, swimming for their families, big fancy houses, don't they deserve that.

The question is -What will you give up?


Why do you think people come there and why do you think they want to buy that land.

I have some suggestions.  One is to really think about what you value most. Is it your family? Because that is what I have noticed and loved about Zipolite is how much you love each other and how much you value family. Many of you are poor but your smiling and you go about your life in a simple way. These simple ways are fishing in the ocean, building palapa homes, raising your own food such as chickens, fruit, coconuts etc. Yes I understand it is hard, but if you give in and you sell you will be forced away from your ocean, and it will be a much harder life and a much more materialistic life.

And this materialistic life is what is killing the world. It's causing all the bad storms and poisoning the oceans, cutting down the beautiful forests and exterminating the animals and indigenous people that a left.

My suggestion is to :





And as that united force adapt methods that will support everyone together. Look into alternative sources of support. For example look at
-solar and wind power sources
-raised bed gardens for food- create food forests-community gardens where you raise food for everyone in the community.
 -composting- there are much better ways than what they do at Pina Palmera
-Cob houses. Build these - they can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes
-popbottle green houses - you can start the seeds in them and this will aid in the growing the gardens.

You must unite on this, or you will be torn apart and your children will never be able to afford a home in Zipolite, let alone who knows where and they will end up working for people who own the hotel that will now be located on the beachfront you once owned. They will work for minimum wages and their quality of life will be poor because will not be able to afford anything due to the very high cost of living.  You are so very very blessed. You can unite with social media. Together you can have a strong voice. This opportunity exists for you. You must sieze the moment because once it changes there will be NO RETURN!!

Here are some links to examples I am suggesting. There are many people who will help you with this. You must unite and take action and ask for this help. Ask to stay green and stay community.
Raised Bed Gardens

Community Gardens

Solar Energy for small communities

How to Build a Solar Bottle Bulb

Popbottle Greenhouses

How to build a Compost Tumbler- this is a very good idea and will keep flies away and turn the leaves, fruit and other materials to rich black earth in 6 weeks. You have the perfect climate for this. You could make money selling compost.

I love Zipolite and I know it is very hard to survive waiting for the tourist. Forget the tourism, focus on becoming green and sustainable. You could set an example for all of Mexico.

On a side note I am trying to help... I am working on an app and it will be for the little guy, not the big fancy hotels that are going in there and charge $80 to $100 a night. No my app will be a listing of all the little places on the beach. I am working on this now, I am in school and I hope to produce the first version before Semana Santa. So I am doing my best to help you on all fronts.

So please if you can print this and share it and have meetings and create a Facebook page and talk to each other. Get united because it is the only way...otherwise I see a very sad future of Zipolite. Of great big hotels owned by people from other countries and all the things that we know and love about Zipolite will become a thing of the past. History. Gone...but not forgotten. Don't let this happen. Please!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Adventurez in Mexico 2008 Blog

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Well I've been doing some remodeling as you may have noticed. Hence the new look for this blog Zipolita'z and Angelita'z Adventurez in Mexico

 but I have a SURPRISE for you. Here is our blog from the winters of 2008/9 and 2009/2010
it's a bit dated and I've had to edit some things but there are still a lot of great photos and videos. Enjoy!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Marietas Islands- Why I LOVE Mexico

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Many years ago, I believe 1988 I took my first trip to Mexico. I was going to visit a Canadian friend, who had married another Canadian but they got married there and they were working in a bar.

They were in Bucerias. Now this was my party stage. I was working at a good paying job(a really gross job actually, - Lilydale) but I was making up for with the partying and buying nice things and truthfully I was very naive and admittedly shallow.

But Mexico OPENED my eyes on that trip. The thanks really goes to the Marietas Islands...but we called it the Tres Marietas back then.

Photograph via

I had been in Bucerias partying my face off for like two weeks with about 10 other friends...that had all come down together to celebrate our friends's marriage. During this time I met Jose(not his real name). His dad owned the Costa Dorada and we hung out at the bar there alot.

My friend started to date Jose and on the last day he wanted to take us all on a special the Tres Marietas.  That day I saw the real Mexico. It wasn't about the cheap booze and partying by the poolside or the prawns(which were delicious), it was about nature and the landscape and the ocean.

On that trip I saw whales and flying fish, dolphins, a mantra ray went right under our boat, and I got scared because I thought the wing tip was a shark...(silly) ...we saw turtles and on the island we saw blue footed boobies...imagine that!!

And so I was hooked. We all piled into a pongo and went. This video says to go on a's up to you...the sad part seeing this is how many people are there was a super special trip when I was just us...14 of us but just us..and no one else.

On the way back we actually ran out of gas, but another ponga came and gave us some...I remember them laughing and teasing...calling us tomato faces as some of us were go on a ponga with a canopy.

I went there a few times on my visits back but I haven't been since 1998?  I really wanted to take Angel when we were there in 2010 but it didn't happen for us because I was short on funds.

All my photos on are in storage, but I have some beautiful panoramas I will show you one day.

And so that is the reason I fell in LOVE WITH MEXICO.  It was the Marietas Islands, we never got inside like this though.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Posada Esmeralda-Zipolite Oaxaca

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Located just off the Gorgeous Playa Zipolite, stay at the lovely Posada Esmeralda.   Close to stores, restaurants, night life, Posada Esmeralda is in an excellent location. Secure clean comfortable rooms you'll find everything you want at Posada Esmeralda. With your wonderful hosts Beto and Elia your will feel right at home. Enjoy longs walks on the beach and sweet siestas in your rooms. Enjoy a meal in the new little restaurant.

Enjoy lovely walks on the gorgeous Zipolite Playa/Beach

Elephante Roca, Zipolite, Oaxaca Mexico

Beautiful Sunsets in Zipolite, Oaxaca

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca Mexico

Beautiful Sunsets in Zipolite, Oaxaca

Posada Esmeralda, Zipolite Oaxaca

Posada Esmeralda, Zipolite Oaxaca

Posada Esmeralda, Zipolite Oaxaca

Zipolite Mexico

Zipolite Mexico- Map 1

Zipolite Mexico- Map 2

Zipolite Mexico- Map 3

Roca Blanca Posada- Zipolite, Oaxaca

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Please may I recommend the Roca Blanca Posada  for your next vacation accommodation. You will find your accommodations clean and the host friendly and very accomodating.

Wonderful Hosts, Peaceful, Clean, Secure Accomodations. 
Chico & Margarita are excellent hosts and you will enjoy your stay immensely! 

Located at the Roca Blanca end of Zipolite, you are close to stores and nightlife, restaurants and right on the beach. See the most gorgeous sunsets from here. 

Taste Margaritas delicious cooking in the Roca Blanca Restaurante.

You will be very close to or right above the beach depending on where you stay. Prices are very reasonable and I promise you will have a great experience.

Here a few photos and links

Street Entrance - Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Beachfront-Hammocks - Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Beachfront-Hammocks - Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

 Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Beachfront-Hammocks - Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Beachfront-View - Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Beach- Posada Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Roca Blanca-Zipolite Mexico

Friday, January 3, 2014

PIÑA PALMERA in Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

I have a lot of photos on my old computer and hopefully backed up somewhere. I hope I can find them and share them later.  It was really fun watching this video as we know a lot of these people.


Pina Palmera, Rehabilitation Center, Zipolite, Oaxaca

Piña Palmera Centro de Atención Infantil, A.C. is a non-governmental organization (NGO), legally constituted without any political or religious interest, which has tackled since more than 20 years the issue disability of persons of any age from rural communities, its majority are indigenous people. We are working in the southern coast of Oaxaca on rehabilitation, social integration, information and prevention of any kind of disability (physical, intellectual or conductive), without bearing in mind the grade of disability, ability to pay and/or ethnicity.

They have a Facebook page

They have a wishlist

Donations can be made to:

By mail directly:
C. A. I. Piña Palmera A.C. Apartado Postal 109,
C.P. 70900 POCHUTLA,
Telephone: +52 - 958 - 58 431 45

In México DF to Flavia o Nayeli Anau:
Calle Nahuatlacas, Manzana 81, Lote 17
esquina con la calle Ixtlilxochitl, dos cuadras del Mercado de la Bola
Colonia Ajusco (junto a colonia Santo Domingo y cerca del parque Huayamilpas)
Delegación Coyoacan, México D.F Telephone and Fax: 0155-56180518

Direct deposit: Scotiabank Inverlat 044, Plaza: 094, Sucursal: 001, Pochutla, Oaxaca C.P. 70900, (Account number: 09400502588, code SWIFT: MBCOMXMM)