Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aerial View of Palenque from Google Maps

Sorry I had a map here but it was really slowing down my blog. Just google Palenque and click Map. :)

This is an aerial view of the town of Palenque, I could not find the ruins on the map. I really liked the town, we didn't stay there, we stayed out by the ruins, when we went to town to book our tour for Agua Azul and for banking and a little shopping, I really enjoyed this town. It's hot though, humid, but lovely. IT'S SO GREEN!!

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  1. The Mayan ruins are to the West of the town of Palenque. Follow the road R"Ruinas Palenque" westward for 8k. You can't miss it. I've been to Palenque in February, which is their winter time. It was cool at night, 60degrees F, and mid 80's to low nineties in the day. Not much rain either. So nice! It IS green there, jungle. A beautiful place.


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